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Mansion Rakičan
Mansion Rakičan combines tradition, culture and history with new, modern contents. The Research and Education Center Rakičan Castle contributes significantly to tourism, education, research, culture and awareness in the region.
Once the royal main street - via regna - passed through the settlement Rakičan. According to written sources of 1431 on this street a medieval base was build, which served to ward off the Turkish attacks. This is how the history of today's castle began. In the 17th century, the base became an economic and commercial center. They most common traded with wines, fruits, crystal, textiles and other goods. Gradually, the castle then got its baroque appearance, which has been preserved until today.
The estate covers 1200 hectares of land - forests, fields and a park of about 10 hectares. Numerous walks in the park lead to the chapel and the crypt built in 1880. At the end of the 19th century, the owner of the castle was Countess Georgina Batthyany, who married the Austrian Count Saint Juliene Wallsee. The last administrator of the castle was Friderik Wallsee.

After World War II, a retirement home was set up in the castle, later also apartments, art studios and the archives of the Murska Sobota administration. Since 2003, the building houses the RIS Castle Rakičan Research and Education Center, which since May 2015 is also the administrator of the chateau and all the associated capacities and plots.
The gallery offers space for contemporary art exhibitions by local and foreign artists. It is located in a space between the first and second floor and creates a very special atmosphere with its roughness and robustness. The gallery opened its doors in May 2015 for the first time. During an exhibition, the gallery is open every working day from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Information about current exhibitions you can find on our Facebook-site or website.
Castle Park
In the middle of the castle park, which covers an area of 10 hectares, lies a small chapel built in 1880. The park offers many opportunities for sports activities and relaxation. Numerous walks invite you to relax and dream. The park has equipment for Disc Golf and a volleyball net. Children will find their place in the pleasant shade of the castle park. Because the children's playground offers a variety of play equipment for different age groups during a visit to Mansion Rakičan. The castle park and the castle meadow also offer a unique location for unforgettable parties and celebrations.
Fairytale wedding
The romantic ambience of the Rakičan Castle with the historical arcades, the handsome castle hall and the spacious castle meadow appeals to all the senses and makes your wedding day unforgettable. The celebration can take place outdoors or in one of the halls, which can accommodate both, smaller and larger groups.
Seminars and international scientific conferences
Mansion Rakičan has three lecture halls for up to max. 80 people and two larger rooms on the ground floor which can accommodate 100 to 200 people each. The Rakičan Research and Education Center annually organizes three international scientific conferences: Ecology for a better tomorrow, Challenges and Problems of Modern Society, Nutrition, Physical activity and Health.

The halls can be used for holding lectures, seminars, business forums, conferences and other events.
Equestrian and Carriage Center
The equestrian center offers individual riding courses, therapeutic riding, pony and terrain riding and carriage rides. At the Carriage-adventure-centre, visitors immerse themselves in the world of carriages, where history and modern trends shake hands.
Overnight Stay at the Mansion
Mansion Rakičan has more than 50 beds. The affordable rooms will appeal to families with children as well as business travelers. The rooms are especially suitable for larger groups.
Café and Restaurant
The café and restaurant have a historic atmosphere. The conservatory connects the café and restaurant with the new modern terrace, from where guests can enjoy the view of the castle horses and the castle park. In the restaurant, tasty local dishes are prepared for groups that will satisfy even the most discerning guest.
Events for all Senses
Numerous events, such as cultural and culinary festivals offers excellent local cuisine and music in the unique castle ambience. Also the castle market with home-made products and traditional crafts and other events, such as the traditional witch dance at the end of October, enhance the extensive offer of Manison Rakičan.
Contact & Info
RIS Dvorec Rakičan
Lendavska ulica 28, Rakičan
9000 Murska Sobota
Phone: +386 (0)2 535 18 96

PTIC (Tourist Information Center)
Phone: + 386(0) 2 535 18 91 (Reservation of rooms, seminar rooms and castle tours)

Equestrian Center Dvorec Rakičan
Phone: 051 482 484 (Aleša Bagari),

Opening hours
Summer season (1st March - 31st October), daily: 8am - 8pm
Winter season (1st November - end of February), daily: 8am - 5pm
Mansion Rakičan
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