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Deutschlandsberg Castle
Wanna go on a little journey through time? 
Then you are exactly right at the "Deutschlandsberg Castle" and the local museum "Archeo Norico". We offer "diversity" pure and unfiltered. No matter if relaxing family outing, fascinating cultural trip, refreshing nature walk, impressive conference or culinary delights, with us, no wish remains unfulfilled. So come by and discover our "Southwest Styrian Treasury" and we guarantee your day will be a unique experience!
Once upon a time...
there was a rocky crest on the northwestern edge of a fertile valley which, thousand of years later, will be known as "Deutschlandsberg". Due to its elevated and almost complete protected location the survey served already the people of the Neolithic as settlement and gives, from this time period on, countless generations a home. On this rock, in the dark middle ages, finally a small but magnificent castle was built.

The first lord, also known as "Count Lonsperg", was first mentioned in 1153 and administered the, from 970 until far into the 19th century, to the property of the "Archdiocese of Salzburg" belonging, estate "Landsberg" in today's Western Styria and the identically named, as main administrative center used, fortress, until 1263. The said castle experienced numerous significant extension and renovation phases in Romanesque and Gothic as well as in the Renaissance. But as often happens, after the rise comes the downfall and from 1850 our small fortress becomes more and more a ruine. However, the end of the story is far from being reached because there was always people who took care of the castle and lead it back again to his old greatness. Since 1932 the little fortress is owned by the township of Deutschlandsberg and step by steps rises to a national exhibition center. 

So, as you can see our castle is long awakened from its deep slumber and opens its door, as it did since already hundreds of years ago, to curious visitors.

Castle museum - Archeo Norico
In 8 permanent exhibitions with more than 5,000 exhibits here you can experience history in its most beautiful form, walk at the new tour through the old parts of the castle directly on the trails of the ancient builders or enjoy a stunning view over the region on our viewing platform. With a little luck you can even look over our archeologist's shoulder and see the newest finds. 

Castle Hotel
Dream like "Sleeping Beauty" in suites with****
The 21 rooms of our castle hotel ale mostly arranged with period furniture and and antiques that perfectly match with the charm of the historic building. The absolute highlight is the romantic "tower suite" with a beautifual panoramic view. Here you can experience real castle lord feelings or enjoy a wonderful wedding night just like Cinderella. 

Castle Restaurant
Never ending pleasures in the kitchen of master chef Karl Christian Kohlmann!
A kitchen with a clear vision: healthy, gently processed, diverse, modern and tasty. Fresh, regional, high-quality ingredients combined with the exhaustless creativity of the award-winning chef and his team inspire the guests again and again. After you have a dish here, most of all you want more. But there sure is still a next gear that probably is even better than its predecessor. In summer you should also not miss to enjoy all that deliciaes on the big panoramic terrace. 
Contact & Info
Castle Museum - Archeo Norico
Burgplatz 2, A 8530 Deutschlandsberg
Phone: +43 3462 5602 
or +43 676 4600058

Opening hours:
1st April - 30st November (Tuesday to Sunday and on public holidays)
10:00am - 6:00pm (last admission 4:30pm)

Guided tours (only by appointment!):
We offer a generel highlight/group-tour as well as individual theme-tours as desired:

Highlight-tour: absolute highlights of our museum (Duration: 1,5 hours). 
Themen-tour: individual exhibitions selected by you (Duration: 1 hour).
Special-tour of the castle history

Castle-Hotel Deutschlandsberg

Burgplatz 1, A 8530 Deutschlandsberg
Phone: +43 3462 56560

Opening hours
Daily from 7:00am-12:00am/midnight
Winter break: 15th January to 15th March
(period may weather-dependent vary!) 

Castle-Restaurant Deutschlandsberg
Burgplatz 1, A 8530 Deutschlandsberg
Phone: +43 3462 56560

Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday (on special reservations (from 15 pers.) we also open on our rest days)
12.00pm/noon - 2.30pm und 6.00pm - 9.30pm
Sunday and Monday day of rest!
Winter break: 15th January to 15th March 
(period may weather-dependent vary!) 

Deutschlandsberg Castle
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