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Rotenturm Castle
Awakened from its enchanted slumbers.

Rotenturm Castle is located in the spa region of the sun-rich southern Burgenland and is one of the most beautiful historic castles in Austria. Carefully and completely new renovated, a 21st century adapted, ideal and exclusive infrastructure was created for various events. Nestled in an 11ha English landscape park you and your guests enjoy the highest comfort.
From loss and fall to rise and shine.

From 1862 to 1864, the present castle was built in romanizing-oriental forms, with bright decorative elements on a red-plastered ground, commissioned by the count family Erdõdy under the direction of master builder Johann Lang (1822-1900).

In the following, Rotenturm experienced its first glory days: until 1929, the castle housed the valuable collections of the art-loving Countess couple Julius and Emilie Erdődy. In 1924, a fire destroyed most of the interior decoration, including the Erdődy family archives and the secret archives of the Hungarian hero of freedom, Prince Franz II Rákóczi (1676-1735), who was kept in the tower by the Hungarian army (1704-1711).

In 1929, the collections located in Rotenturm were auctioned; For a short time the castle was taken over by the Czech violin virtuoso Jan Kubelík. In 1971, the building came into the possession of the Province of Burgenland. Since 2008 it is again in private ownership. 
Castle loard
The Viennese property and insurance expert Prof. Heinz Schinner acquired the fairy-tale castle, exposed to decay and revitalized it in cooperation with the Federal Monuments Office. He now uses Rotenturm Castle as a residence with his family and open up the ballrooms of the ground floor for events.
Dream wedding
A wedding like a fairytale. 

When our bridal couple and their guests pass through the wrought-iron gate of the driveway, they leave everyday life behind and immerse themselves in their own personal fairytale.

For the wedding, there are two banquet halls for the civil wedding as well as the in-house chapel, for church weddings. The castle has seven festive rooms for up to 130 people. Family and friends of the bridal couple can spend the night in one of the four castle apartments and our newly wed couples spend their wedding night in the brand new bridal suite in the castle tower.

In addition, Rotenturm Castle has its own certified wedding planner who, with her team, supports the bridal couples throughout the planning period with attention to detail and a lot of know-how.
Celebration & Meeting
The residence for your event.

Rotenturm Castle is the perfect opportunity to create encounters. Whether wedding, seminar, media conference, workshop or a party for customers and employees - the elaborately restored castle rolls out the red carpet for your event! It is important to catch the perfect moment and create long lasting memories. This is exactly what is possible in the new "Exclusive Rotenturm Castle".

The first big day in life.

Baptism is one of the first major celebrations within a family. To make this unique experience a very special moment of the heart, our castle chapel is the ideal place for up to 100 people. Experience the beautiful ambience of Rotenturm and celebrate your baptism with a champagne reception in Rotenturm Castle.
Child's birthday & Elementary school tours
The hunt on Leonidas the little castle ghost.

The children go and search the little ghost Leonidas. With the help of a teacher, we have worked out tricky puzzles that need to be solved. In the castle park, a course awaits you, which has to be conquered with the hobby horse. Of course, after so much effort, you will also get a delicious snack. There, it is particularly important to us that all ingredients come from organic sources!

Only by appointment! 
Contact & Info
Rotenturm Castle
Family Sinner 
Am Schloss 1
A-7501 Rotenturm an der Pinka
Phone.: +43 1 715 33 33  and
+43 0676 73 73 710

Guided tours through the renovated castle and the English park are available for groups (15 to 40 persons) by appointment.
Rotenturm Castle
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