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Stainz Castle
Castle of the Counts in the heart of Styria.
Residence of the "Styrian prince".

On the southern foothills of the "Rosenkogel", in the heart of western Styria, this historic building sits enthroned above the roofs of the city of Stainz, surrounded by its own vineyards and orchards. The castle was built in 1229 as an Augustinian monastery by Luitbold of Wildon. Its roots are the splendid Baroque and Renaissance complex, which is particularly evident in the church of St. Catherine, with its magnificent stucco work.

In 1784 Emperor Francis II secularised the canons of the monastery and in 1840 Archduke Johann bought the castle from the state property for 250,000 guilders. Since then, Stainz Castle is owned by Archduke Johann's descendants, the Counts of Meran, for whom it is not just a residential but also an economic seat. Franz of Meran leads the legacy of his famous ancestors with the utmost commitment and modern business principles. The careful and responsible use of nature in Stainz Castle is in no contradiction to the use of the latest technology and economic interests.

Fairytale Wedding
Be a princess for one day.

The love story of Archduke Johann and Anna Plochl is a legend. For ten years, the archduke had to wait until his brother, Emperor Franz II, gave him permission to marry the postmaster's daughter from Bad Aussee. So long you dont have to wait for your fairytale wedding. Stainz Castle offers you every possibility for your fairytale wedding - no matter how big or small you want to marry your dream prince and your dream princess.

For the civil wedding and the reception, the castle courtyard with its picturesque arcade, the so called "Salettl" or the castle terrace with the two powder towers offer a fairytale ambience. The church wedding in turn finds its perfect setting in the Church of St. Catherine which impresses with its baroque interior and its rich stucco decoration. For the ensuing wedding party, the richly with frescoes decorated, former refectory is exclusively available. The maximum number of guests for dinners is 150 persons, with cinema seating 250 persons. An internal spiral staircase leads down from the refectory into the historic wine cellar, which is also available for parties of all kinds.
Forest-related education
Experience the forest in a different way.

Do you want to see the habitat of the game at close range? Let an expert explain why humans should better keep their hands off the fly agaric while it stands on the menu of a deer or where the secret dangers lurk in the forest...

We offer forest-pedagogical and subject-specific tours in the districts of Stainz and "Rosenkogel" to bring you closer to the forest community. Our forester, Helmut Fladenhofer is a trained forestry pedagogue and knows the regional forest like no other. Call and make an appointment:

Head forester Helmut Fladenhofer
Tel: +43 676 349 64 72
Hunting & Agricultural museum
The Hunting Museum: Innovative presentation in historic walls

The museum refers to the long tradition of hunting in Styria. In addition to the permanent exhibition collection, it also aims to be a competence center for hunting: In addition to future temporary presentations on the subject, visitors will also have access to a study collection, training and seminar offers, a library and contemporary information media.

Agricultural Museum: past, present and future of peasant work.

The Agricultural Collection is based on the progressive ideas of Archduke Johann. He founded in 1819 the k. k. Agricultural Society. An important aspect of this society was the documentation of agricultural machinery and equipment. Most of the models created there are now in the exhibition, which counts a total of more than 18,200 objects.

Hunting & Agricultural museum
, Stainz Castle
Schlossplatz 1 
A-8510 Stainz
Phone.: +43 3463 27 72-16
Contact & Info
Forestry Administration Meran
Mag. Katharina Offner
Schlossplatz 5
A-8510 Stainz
Phone.: +43 676 349 64 82

Stainz Castle
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