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Hartberg Castle
The castle in the center of the city, whose oldest walls were built from romanesque ashlars, is considered to be the secular nucleus of the city of Hartberg. The history of the castle goes back to the year 1147, into the deepest Middle Ages, where the first mention of a fortified castle is documented - today's Hartberg Castle. Acquired in 1572 from the family of the later Dukes Paar and rebuilt in Renaissance style, it was extended by an arcade tract in the 17th century.
Castle as a venue
If you come to Hartberg, you should not miss to walk in the castle park and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. The old trees and the green areas with the sculptures invite you to linger.

The refurnished castle is today owned by the city of Hartberg and offers with its knight's Hall a pleasant ambience for concerts, weddings, meetings, seminars, company presentations and much more, as well as an impressive backdrop for open-air events in the castle courtyard.

The city of Hartberg received the "Geramb Rose" for the successful reconstruction of the castle. But visit our castle and see for yourself!
Museum Hartberg
Modern museum in a old house.

The Hartberg Museum has been housed since 6. October 1988 in the historic "Steinpeißhaus", a Hartberger mansion, and is run by the "Historical association Hartberg" on an honorary basis. The house in the Herrengasse 6 is first mentioned in a document from August 1406 and gets its name in 1412 by the former owner Seifried Steinpeiß. The name "Stainpeishaus" has been used for the first time in 1530 in written form.

Completed in May 2008, the modern extension is connected to the existing building with its transparent staircase. At the same time, an attractive inner courtyard was created, which maintains its special ambience through the harmonious coexistence of historic buildings and modern annexes.

The permanent exhibition of the Museum Hartberg is housed in these historic walls and presents the visitors an interesting and informative historically documented overview of the history of Hartberg. Numerous exhibits, the use of modern media and various areas for active perception offers the guests of the museum an impressive experience.

Various special exhibitions enrich the offer.

The museum as a venue.

The museum has an ideal space for readings, concerts and exhibitions. Especially in the summer months, the beautiful courtyard is perfect for outdoor events - away from the street noise and yet in the middle of the city!

City and museum tours are possible at any time after registration.
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Hartberg Castle
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Hartberg Castle
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