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Kornberg Castle
The exhibition center in the "Thermen- & Vulkanland" Styria.
A real knight's castle. 

Kornberg Castle was first mentioned in 1284. In its original form it has a fortified character. Strategically located and surrounded by its castle walls it should ensure access to the nearby "Veste Riegersburg". In the 14th century a chapel was constructed and consecrated to St. Andrew. During the 16th and 17th century, the former fortified castle was expanded into a residential building. Since 1871, Kornberg Castle is in the possession of Count Bardeau and becomes a popular venue for weddings and other celebrations with its magnificent Renaissance court.

Castle tour & museum
Experience the flair of the green salon, admire the historic ancestral gallery and stroll through the arcade. Also you can expect an exclusive view of the private rooms, led by the castle lord consul Andreas Count of Bardeau followed by a champagne reception.

Reservations absolutely necessary:
Tel.: +43 664 51 24 224
The small world of great castles
The international castle show in the Styrian "Vulkanland".

A unique exhibition of castles and palaces all over the world can be seen in the "Meierhof" at Kornberg Castle. Be astonished about miniature worlds in form of 15 models and 2 historic battles with special lighting effects.

Opening hours: 
Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 6pm
Phone: +43 664 51 24 224

The gallery of Kornberg Castle offers artists a great opportunity to express their work in a very special ambience.
Castle innkeeper
New regional cuisine in a beautiful ambience
The castle innkeeper spoils you with exquisite regionality and creative cuisine on uppermost standard. Seasonally coordinated "Vulkanland-quality" becomes a special culinary experience on your plate. Creative delights made of the finest ingredients are given an exclusive setting in the so-called "Schlossstüberl", in the magnificent and wildly romantic renaissance courtyard, or for the romantic dinner for two at the hidden backyard of the castle. Regional and seasonal food cooked with love!
The castle innkeeper offers: knights' dinners, cooking classes, theme weeks, candlelight dinners, dinners & musicals, sightseeing flights & dinners, theater brunch ...

Opening hours:
Friday and Saturday, 11am - 11pm (kitchen until 8.30pm)
Thursday and Sunday, 11am - 6pm (kitchen until 4pm)
Phone: +43 3152 2057
Knight's meal
Knight's meal in the knight's hall. 

Experience the fascination of the Middle Ages at Kornberg Castle.
As in the Middle Ages, you dine in the vaulted hall with candlelight and torchlight. Servants and maids serve dishes prepared according to old recipes. On request, we also offer medieval entertainment: minstrels, jugglers, lansquenets, fire breathers ...

The Knight's hall can accommodate up to 200 people.

From 8 people are also knight's meals in the so-called "Schlossstüberl" possible.
Smaller groups or individuals can also sign up for fixed, publicly advertised appointments.

Opening of the hall: 6.15pm 
Start: 7pm
Price: 26,50 € per pers. (including entertainment program)

Reservation needed. Extra appointments for groups are possible.

Castle innkeeper Kornberg
8330 Feldbach, Dörfl 2
Phone.: +43 3152 20 57
Fairytale Wedding
The reception with aperitif in the castle courtyard is a suitable start for your party. Weddings in the castle park or in the consecrated castle chapel open different possibilities for your perfect day. Our ideas and our experienced planning leave nothing to be desired.
The largest carpet exhibition in Europe
Rohani carpets.
Hand-knotted carpets in all colors, shapes, sizes and natural materials can be seen in Europe's largest carpet exhibition at Kornberg Castle.

Opening hours:
Annually from March to mid-October
Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 6pm
Phone: +43 3152 4200
Cultural center
Cultural center

At the craft exhibition in the heated and vaulted rooms of the castle gallery, over 70 selected craftspeople from all over Austria will show their creative abilities over an area of around 800m². There is a wide range of modern and traditional ceramics, glass refinement, watercolor art, fragrance potpourris, handmade jewelry and wooden toys to be astonished and take home. The easter exhibition is also already a popular tradition. For 18 years now, it takes place at the beginning of March. The ideal introduction to the Advent season is our Christmas art fair - far from the hectic rush of the pre-Christmas season.

Old Christmas tradition, lived on Kornberg Castle from 03rd November - 23rd December 2019
Daily from 10am - 6pm

Kornberg Castle, Arts and crafts
Leonard Bardeau
Phone: +43 3152 4168 
or +43 664 4321 367
Contact & Info
Kornberg Castle
A-8330 Feldbach, Dörfl 2
Phone: +43 664 51 24 224

Castle Tours & Museum
Korberg Castle can be visited from 02nd March - 23rd December 2019
Guided tours of the private rooms on the first floor every Friday and Sunday at 2pm by Consul Mag. Andreas Bardeau.
Group inquiries possible at any time.

"The small world of the great castles"
Special exhibition: "The world of ships"
Planetarium Kornberg
in the "Meierhof" to Kornberg Castle
Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 6pm
Group inquiries possible at any time.

Castle innkeeper Kornberg
A-8330 Feldbach, Dörfl 2
Phone: +43 3152 20 57 
Wednesday - Sunday
Friday and Saturday from 10am - 11pm
Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 10am - 6pm
Group inquiries possible at any time.

Rohani carpets Kornberg Castle
A-8330 Feldbach, Dörfl 2
Phone: +43 3152 42 00
Annually from March to mid-October
Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 6pm
Kornberg Castle
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