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Schielleiten Castle
The federal sports and leisure centre.
Baroque splendour.

Schielleiten Castle, the second largest baroque palace in Austria, was built between 1720 and 1730 by the imperial counts Wurmbrand-Stuppach. But the imperial counts must have been overstreched their finances by taking over the construction and so only the middle risalit, the two wings and the western risalit have been completed. It was created in the style of the Viennese high baroque in the form of a middle pavilion with side wings. The castle remained in the possession of the family until 1906, then changed hands twice and was finally sold in 1935 to the Republic of Austria. During the Second World War Schielleiten was used as Gau-sports-school, later as alternative accommodation for the Graz St. Anna Children's Hospital and military hospital.

Today, the jewel of the Castle Road is a popular wedding location that serves as a cultural center and, above all, as a sports hotel. Several times "hot air balloon Europe" and "World Championships" were held in front of the magnificent castle backdrop.
Federal sports and leisure centre
Travel in a sporty manner.

Today, the baroque jewel of the Castle Road is established as sports hotel. On an area of 43ha everything is offered, what the sportsman heart desires: places for tennis, football, basketball and volleyball, an athletic facility and much more. Schielleiten Castle is the largest and oldest facility of this kind in whole Austria.


In the incomparable ambience of the baroque castle and the well-kept castle park, surrounded by centuries-old trees which create a romantic atmosphere, this place enchants in every season. From the first idea ... the decorative design of the premises, the elaboration of their wedding menu to the musical setting, the wedding is individually designed according to the wishes of the bride and groom.
Hotel & Restaurant
In Schielleiten Castle, exept the castle (75 rooms), there are also modern outbuildings (75 rooms) that enable every large group or also a sports team to house, eat and train at the chateau. There is a newly refurnished restaurant for all the crews, as well as companies, which offers down-to-earth food.
Contact & Info
BSFZ Schielleiten Castle
one of the Austrian sports resorts.

A-8223 Stubenberg am See, Vockenberg 81
Managing Director: Gerhard Reiterer
Phone: +43 3176/8811-0, Fax DW 342
Schielleiten Castle
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