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Tabor Castle
Opera in the middle of nature.
Culture and Art in southern Burgenland.
Tradition and Modernity
Built in 1469 and embedded in the so-called "Neuhausen hill country" and "the border triangle of Austria-Hungary-Slovenia", Tabor Castle provides an atmospheric setting for high-quality art and cultural events. It acts as a turntable for the communication between tradition and modernity, regionality and internationality and is a platform and meeting place for young and old alike.

jOPERA jennersdorf Festival summer
For 16 years the  jOPERA jennersdorf festival summer has been one of the most important cultural institutions in the region.
It has established itself as top spot within the European Opera Festivals with its annual opera performances and offers an extensive artistic, cultural and traditional year-round program.
EFIS Foundation
With the founding of the EFIS Foundation, a non-profit federal foundation, and the associated acquisition of Tabor Castle in 2017, the project "ResonanceRoomTabor Castle" was launched. In a unique fusion of art & culture, music, horse work, nature and therapy in cooperation with doctors, psychologists and therapists, integrative and preventive modules, workshops and keynote speeches will be established to encourage and support children and teenagers - regardless of their background and financial resources - as well as accompanying adults, to discover their resources, to break new ground and to work for one another to strengthen a common life.

Contact & Info
Tabor Castle
jOPERA jennersdorf
A-8385 Neuhaus am Klausenbach, Taborstraße 3
Phone: +43 3329 43037
Schloss Tabor
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