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Pen Vorau
Augustinian monastery with education. 
Soul & Spirit
The Pen Vorau, nestled in the beautiful landscape of the so-called "Joglland", was founded in 1163 to be a center of prayer and pastoral care, education and culture. It is the only still active monastery of Styria
The religious community of the Vorau canons has its spiritual center for pastoral care in the deanery Vorau. The magnificent collegiate and parish church invites you to reflect and to worship together. The "Stift Vorau" is known as the monastery with the most towers in Austria and impresses with its own architecture, the library, the baroque collegiate church, the impressive sacristy and the wonderful grounds in the middle of nature. The education house of the Vorau Abbey combines adult education with a monastic atmosphere, but also warmly welcomes private overnight guests. With its 20 rooms, the Baroque Hall, the Prince Room and 3 seminar rooms, the education house "Pen Vorau" offers in a unique atmosphere a place to feel good.

Baroque collegiate church
The collegiate church was built in 1660-1662 according to the plans of Domenico Sciassia, leaving the medieval towers, and redesigned from 1700 by the imperial engineer Matthias Steinl in the style of the Viennese High Baroque. However, the particular jewels are the 1706 build pulpit, which shows some scenes of the teaching of Jesus Christ; and the high altar constructed from 1701 to 1704, representing the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary (church patronage). Both were designed by Matthias Steinl and constructed by the sculptors J.F. Caspar and G. Niedermayr. The church thus represents a Baroque synthesis of the arts.

The sacristy is considered to be the artistic pearl of the monastery, which owes its painterly decoration, which was preserved between 1715 and 1716, to the genius of the collegiate Johann Cyriak Hackhofer and may be considered his masterpiece. On the walls scenes from the suffering of Christ appear in simple illusionistic framing. "Hell's Fall" by J. C. Hackhofer (1716): It shows, surrounded by flames, devilish figures and other infernal monsters, the overthrow of personified human vices such as avarice, fornication, arrogance, drunkenness, slander, etc.

The library and archive of the monastery cover a millennium of book and cultural history with their documents, paintings, collections, 416 manuscripts, 206 incunabula and a further 40,000 printed books from various branches of science.
Contact & Info
Pen Vorau
A-8250 Vorau 1
Phone: +43 3337 2351

2019 – 2020

Mo. 23. Dec. - Wed. 25. Dec. -> gate closed

Thu. 26. Dec. -> gate open from 1:00pm

Fri.  27. Dec. and Sat. 28. Dec. -> gate open from 9.00am

Sun. 30. Dec. -> 
gate open from 9:00am to 12:00 noon 

Mo.  31. Dec. and Tues. 01. Jan. -> gate closed 

Wed. 02. Jan. -> gate open from 9.00am
Pen Vorau
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