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Aichberg Castle
A home for art.
Moving story.

Aichberg Castle and the settlement of Eichberg lie between Vorau and the river Lafnitz. Here, on the border to Hungary, began the construction of a castle belt against warlike incursions from the East, at the end of the 12th century. The knightly family "Aichberger" lived here until the late 14th century. The further history of the castle was marked by warlike conflicts and confusions in the region. During multiple incursions of the Turks in the 16th and 17th centurie, castle and village were robbed and devastated. The expensive renovation and reconstruction drove the castle lords into ruin and after that there were many changes of ownership. Between 1914 and 1918, the castle was used to accommodate Galician refugees. During World War II. it served as a refuge for the civilian population and quarter of the German army.

Knight in shining armor.

In 1986, the house came to Cajetan Gril and finally to rest. After the renovation by the bustling art dealer, today Aichberg Castle always shows unusual exhibitions.
Exhibition: A house and its inhabitants
Found opjects to the history of a castle.

Current exhibition: end of May to end of October, every Sunday from 10am to 6pm and by appointment.
On the basis of objects from the house as well as from the environment we try to tell the changeable story of Aichberg Castle. It's a kind of 'work in progress' and can bring something new in every new year.

Admission: 10 Euro per person (up to 8 years free)
For rent are 2 comfortable apartments (each 42 m²)

Single occupancy EUR 75, -
Double occupancy EUR 130, -
3 adults EUR 180, -
2 adults and 2 children - price on request!
Breakfast included!
City tax EUR 1.50

The premises of Aichberg Castle can also be rented for events. Price on request!


Assistance to everyday life

Issue 1 - 1996
Limbo: Styria 1000 years ago
Catalog for the exhibition at Aichberg Castle
Euro 10.-

Issue 2 - 2005
Castle Aichberg
A historical overview
from: Cajetan Gril
(out of print, 2nd edition in preparation)

Issue 3 - 2006
Memory of the memory
Recollection Recovered
Photos by Georg Philipp Pezold
Euro 20.-.

Issue 4 - 2007
Lost post
the charities of Eichberg
from: Johanna Ecker
Euro 10.-

Issue 5 - 2007
Burial mound and stele in Lebing
A historical outline.
from: Susanne Tiefengrabner
5 euro.-

Issue 6 - 2008
Skeletons in the closet
Notes on the Loretto Chapel of Aichberg Castle
from: Johanna Ecker
Euro 10.-

Issue 7 - 2009
The time of the festivals In the Nazi Socialist
from: Wolfgang Brossmann
Euro 27.-

Issue 8 - 2010
Dusan Minovski
A complicated story
New paintings
Euro 10.-

Issue 9 - 2009/2010
Zea Fio
Long planned ... finally!
Euro 10.-

Issue 10 - 1801
Corps Condé
The end of the corps Condé
(out of print, 2nd edition follows)

Issue 11 - 2010
Yvonne Oswald
"Out of season"
Analogue Photographs
Euro 10.-

Issue 12 - 2011
Karl Josef Grünling
Blue leads to death
Materials for enlightened actionism
Euro 10.-

Issue 13 - 2011
Children try Oberhuber
A day of exhibition
Euro 15.-

Issue 14 - 2012
Focus on faith
As part of the special exhibition
EUR 10.-

Issue 15 - 2012 (with CD)
Lafnitz - Everything flows
A musical journey through time
by Franz Zeblinger
EUR 15.-

Issue 16 - 2013
To the Nazi murder programs
in the Hartberg district
by Wolfgang Brossmann
EUR 25, -

Issue 17 - 2014
Global change processes and their precipitation.
Eleven attempts at rapprochement
EUR 15, -

Issue 18 - 2016
Leadership spiritually
Pope Francis, another look
Wolf Maritsch
EUR 20, -

Issue 19 - 2017
An experience of the Orient
By motorcycle to Persia
Alexander Almásy
EUR 15, -

Issue 20 - 2017
Nail objects
Michl Herberstein
EUR 15, -

Issue 21 - in preparation
The first sixty
Installed art at the castle
EUR 15, -

Issue 22 - 2017
Bones, gum, garlic in art and kitchen
Erika and Helene Thümmel
ISBN: 978-3-200-05460-8
EUR 15, -

Issue 23 – 2019
Of the fear in war
Leopold Toifl
ISBN 978-3-200-06301-3
EUR 15,-
Issue 24 – 2019
Markus Schlee 
Drawings oils dramaturgies
EUR 10,-

Issue 25 – 2019
The military history of Styria
Leopold Toifl
ISBN 978-3-200-06568-0
EUR 37,-
Contact & Info
Aichberg Castle
Mag. Cajetan Gril
A-8234 Rohrbach an der Lafnitz, Eichberg 1
Phone: +43 676 308 85 05

Art trade Gril & Plantys
Seilerstätte 10, 1010 Wien
Phone: +43 676 308 85 05
ATU 105 65 609

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday
2 - 6pm
Aichberg Castle
Interreg Slovenia
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