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Castle experiences - Culture
Culture on the Castle Road
The Castle Road connects 37 historic castles, palaces and abbeys in Austria and Slovenia. Our mission is to make history come alive, preserve our common historic cultural heritage and make it accessible for visitors. On this page you will find 74 inspiring cultural experiences in six different tourist regions which may all be individually combined with one another. The thematic structure and recommended experiences serve as an optional guideline that can help you to compile your own memorable cultural journeys along the Castle Road. 

The unlimited possibilities enable customised travel planning which, in turn, ensures satisfied customers. We are happy to assist you in your research and availability enquiries, as well as with regional tour guides.

An overview of the cultural offerings of the Castle Road can be found here.
Grand - The Event Castles
For centuries, life has been celebrated in castles and palaces with music and entertainment. When military threats subsided, people celebrated their new freedom in grand style. A lively atmosphere and strong emotions accompany you on your emotional musical journey. Listen to the song of angels in dramatic settings!

Here you can experience...

Schielleiten Castle
Baroque setting and balloon ride 
Picnic outing with a castle coachman / Summer 

Pöllau Castle 
Organ music walk & Styrian Summer Art 
Day of Early Music / August 

Vorau Abbey
Guided tour of the Augustinian monastery
Academy of Early Music / September 

Güssing Castle 
Guided tour of Austria’s biggest private crypt
Musical Güssing / July + August

Tabor Castle
Uhudler wine tasting in the castle courtyard  
Opera festival JOPERA / August 

Bad Radkersburg
Historic tour of the old town 
Soul & Blues Groove Summit / July

Slovenska Bistrica Castle
Historic guided castle tour with wine tasting 
Early Music Days / August

Castle of Ptuj
Castle tour with Slovenia’s largest collection of musical instruments
Arsana Festival: Classic music concerts in Ptuj Castle ballroom / July

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Notable - The Personal
Carefully curated museums and art collections testify to the passion of past and current castle owners. With curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, they have enriched entire generations. Get to know innovative, tolerant and often eccentric figures who were far ahead of their time. Cross boundaries and explore the discoveries of some of Europe’s most notable explorers and visionary thinkers.

Here you can experience...

Stainz Castle 
Archduke John of Austria guided tour of the Agricultural Museum 
Educational forest tour 

Deutschlandsberg Castle
Archeo Norico Museum guided tour 
Schilcherberg in flames / Jakobi weekend 

Aichberg Castle
Arts breakfast with the castle's owner  
The castle & its inhabitants – guided tour 

Bernstein Castle
Explorer tour arount the castle with the owner 
Exclusive castle concerts / monthly 

Kornberg Castle
Guided castle tour with Count Bardeau 
Exhibit tour: The small world of large castles

Murska Sobota Castle
The language of Prekmurje with coffee and prekmurski gibanica 
The history of the Jews in Murska Sobota – exhibition  

Lendava Castle
György Zala – famous works by the sculptor from Lendava
The arts colony’s bronze sculptures – exhibition 

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Enchanting - The Garden Castles
Nature and architecture can be seen in all their glory along the Castle Road. With a keen sensitivity for aesthetic harmony, landscape planners and interior designers have created enchanting testimonies to their times. A garden tour brings these precious natural highlights of the residences back to life. On personally guided tours, you will be taken back to a bygone era of promenading, flflirtations in the green and noble emotions, with these cultural gems as a background!

Here you can experience...

Piber Castle
Lipizzaner horse stud tour 
Mother’s Day gala in the Lipizzaner stud  

Garten Castle Herberstein
Of knights and roses - tour 
Herberstein for connoisseurs - tour 

Kapfenstein Castle
Volcanism & wine tour 
Picnic in the vineyard 

Bad Gleichenberg
Tour of the historic spa park 
Biedermeier festival / June

Grad Castle
Nature park – castle tour  
Craftmanship Day / October 

Negova Castle
Historic guided tour (Negauer Helme) and herb park 
Festival of Love / July

Ormož Castle
Guided tour of castle gardens with picnic 
Castle tour and wine tasting 

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Magical - The Romantics
Beautiful pavilions, hidden corners, butterflies in the stomach and moments full of passion – it’s the stuff that castle dreams are made of! For centuries, the castle gates, towers and chapels have provided the setting for many emotional events and magical tales. Head over heels in love, oriental influences and religious works of art will touch the heart.

Here you can experience...

Romantic Castle Ottersbach
Tour with castle owners 
Picnic in the castle garden  

Seggau Castle
Castle tour with wine tasting  
Castle matinee 

Hartberg Castle
Night watchman tour 
Knights, commoners, farmers -  exhibition, Summer/Autumn 

Obermayerhofen Castle
Castle and garden tour
Art history seminar with dinner & overnight stay 

Rotenturm Castle
Castle tour 
Picnic in the castle garden

Welsdorf Castle
Exclusive party in the castle garden
Sleep like a lord!  

Rakičan Mansion
Carriage ride through the romantic castle park 
Chocolate festival  / February

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Heroic - The Medieval Castles
Formerly fortified sites where brave knights offered protection, the carefully restored castle rooms today present the region’s eventful history. War and crusades went hand in hand with religion and superstition. Today, cultural associations recreate past heroism with journeys back in time to the Middle Ages. From high atop the defensive walls, look out over the valley below and form a personal impression of the importance of these hallowed halls for people in the past.

Here you can experience...

Neuhaus Castle
Guided tour on the Day of Heritage Sites
Stay with the castle owners 

Festenburg Castle
Art history tour of churches and chapels 
Church service in the monastery castle

Schlaining Castle
Burgenland – history exhibition with all the senses 
Medieval Christkindl market / December 

Lockenhaus Castle
The story of the Blood Countess - tour
Castle festival – journey to the MiddleAges / June

Fürstenfeld Castle
Tobacco & "Kruzitürken” Museum - tour 
Walk along the fortress path 

Riegersburg Castle
Tour of Castle Weapons and Witches’ Exhibitions
Daily bird of prey watching

Feldbach Castle
General museum tour
Tabor festival / September 

Velika Nedelja Castle
The Teutonic Knights and the origins of Vedlika Nedelja  
Visit the Jeruzalem church

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