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Castle experiences - Family
Castle Road GeoTour
Go to a wondrous journey with squire Karli, search for hidden treasures, experience exciting adventures and solve the secrets of the ancient buildings.

On this GeoTour there are 26 castles and palaces with treasures (caches) to be found. If you visit all of them and solve the entire tour, you can unlock a souvenir in your geocaching profile as a reward. At 6 castles and palaces (main caches) particularly tricky special tasks await you there. Once you solve them, use the round stamp that you can find in the geocache to stamp the matching round field on the treasure map*. There, you will also receive small rewards that can be picked up at the respective castle after completing the task.

Once all 6 stamps are collected and three additional tasks solved, at the castles marked on the map with yellow colour, you will receive the exclusive Geocoin for the tour free of charge as a reminder of your adventure*. The additional tasks must be confirmed by the respective castle with a note written in the three fields on the treasure map.

Further information and all details can be found here

We wish you a lot of fun on your treasure hunt and many wonderful hours in Austria and Slovenia.

*You can download the treasure map here or you can pick it up at one of the 6 main castles. You can get the Geocoin for the tour only there.
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