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Güssing Castle
The oldest castle in Burgenland
Bulwark against the east

Güssing Castle was built in 1157 on the steep rock of an extinct volcanic cone. After several changes of ownership, in 1524 the castle came into the possession of the Batthyány family. In the 16th and 17th centuries, it was turned into a fortress and was intended as a stronghold especially against invading armies from the east. With the loss of its strategic importance, the castle fell into ruin in the 18th century, because the roof tax that was levied at the time made the preservation of the building unaffordable for the owner.  In 1870 Prince Philipp Batthyány established a trust which still owns Güssing Castle.
Castle Museum
Priceless treasures

Güssing Castle is known not only for great military and family history, but also for its exquisite art treasures. More than 5,000 objects on display in the castle museum show how lively and fascinating history can be. The comprehensive exhibits explain the everday lives of both rulers and common citizens in the past.

Batthyány Castle Museum as a true chamber of arts:
Civil and church weddings

The civil ceremony takes place in the castle's picture gallery, an elongated hall with a particularly subline atmosphere owing to the art collection of DDD. Udo Illig.
 The church wedding can be held in the late Gothic chapel of the castle, which is dedicated to "Our Lady of the Snows". 

Contact & Info
Exhibition office at Güssing Castle
Castle Foundation
Batthyanystr. 10
A 7540 Güssing
Phone: +43 3322 43400

Opening hours:
from mid-March to the end of October
Closed on All Saints Day (November 1st)

Tuesday - Sunday from 10am - 5pm
PLEASE NOTE: Open Monday, when a public holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday during the regular season

Ticket prices:
Adults € 7.50
Senior € 6.00
Pupils, apprentices, students, military recruits and those doing alternative civil service € 4.00
Family ticket € 17.00

Groups of 10 or more persons:
Adults € 6.00
Senior € 5.50
Pupils, apprentices, students, military recruits and those doing alternative civil service  € 3.50

Guided tours by appointment € 2.00 per person, min. € 20.00

Inclined elevator:
Ascent € 2.00
Descent € 2.00
Güssing Castle (Burgenland)
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