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Knowledge - About Castle Road
Castle Road
Experience history
The Castle Road connects 37 historic castles, palaces and abbeys in Austria and Slovenia. Our mission is to make history come alive, preserve our common historic cultural heritage and make it accessible for visitors.

Castle Road
• builds bridges across geographical, historical and cultural boundaries.
• promotes the unique character of each of its members through tolerance and integration.
• assumes the responsibility of preserving cultural heritage over the long term.
• supports sustainability through regional value chains.
• is a platform for art and culture.
• connects tradition with the present.
Did you know that…
... castle gardeners cultivate and tend more than 256 hectares (632 acres) of land? Romantic picnic areas and impressive garden tours invite you to enjoy yourself and stay awhile.
 ... the impressive castle rooms form the perfect setting for special events? The cultural repertoire ranges from intimate chamber music concerts to grand opera festivals.

 ... visitors can experience 15,000 years of cultural history and more than 2,000 years of military history in a variety of exhibitions on the Castle Road? In seven residences, the owners themselves personally guide visitors through their magnificent private quarters.

 ... the Castle Road can also be explored on an e-bike tour? Multilingual bike guides lead visitors to hidden natural spots and special art treasures in both countries.  

 ... each year, more than 600 couples marry in the castle chapels of the Castle Road? A fairytale setting is the perfect place for a marriage proposal, a wedding or an unforgettable honeymoon. 

 ... for 462 years, Austrian and Slovenian Styria(Stajerska) formed a unified political entity? A tour down the Castle Road will introduce you to this long, common history.
... various Castle Road events throughout the whole year offer a multitude of wonderful, exciting and moving experiences? The Cultural Spring, the Festival Summer, culinary events and festive Advent markets transform each day on the castle grounds into a highlight.
Dear culture enthusiasts,
As the name already implies, the Schlösserstrasse (Castle Road) is a cross-border route through a region with one of the highest concentrations of castles and fortifications in Europe. Originally established as an association of castles in Styria and Burgenland, today it also includes Slovenian members.

The 37 member castles and abbeys, which formerly served defensive functions or as aristocratic residences, now have a new role. Today, these well-preserved buildings are tourist attractions, museums or event venues. Each year, these precious cultural treasures attract a wide audience.

The main objective behind the Castle Road is to preserve and protect these historic sites in order to provide a valuable cultural and educational offer for young and old. Through partnerships with regional businesses in the fields of health, gastronomy, culture and sports, the Castle Road offers visitors an unforgettable programme.

Each member castle develops and organises its own unique concept for the use of its historic site, which results in a wide range of different, complementary touristic and cultural offers. What they all have in common is that existing historic buildings provide the venue.

The programme offered along the Castle Road is an invitation to explore the incredible diversity of these residences and should also be understood as my personal recommendation to discover the many special features of this area.

We look forward to your visit! 

Consul Mag. Andreas Bardeau 
Spokesperson for the 37 member castles, palaces and abbeys
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