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Kornberg Castle
The exhibition center in Styria's "Thermen- & Vulkanland".
A real knight's castle. 

Kornberg Castle was first mentioned in 1284. Its original function was clearly defensive. Strategically located and surrounded by mighty walls, it was intended to access to the nearby fortification of Riegersburg. In the 14th century a chapel was constructed and consecrated to St. Andrew. During the 16th and 17th century, the fortification was expanded into a residential building. Since 1871, Kornberg Castle has been in the possession of Count Bardeau. In recent times, its magnificent Renaissance courtyard and fine restaurant has made it a very popular venue for weddings and other celebrations .

Castle tour & museum
Experience the flair of the green salon, admire the historic ancestral gallery and stroll through the arcade. By reserving a tour, you can get an exclusive view of the private rooms, wtih the castle lord,  Consul Andreas Count of Bardeau as your personal tour guide, followed by a champagne reception.

Reservations are absolutely necessary
The small world of great castles
The small world of great castles
International castle show in Styria's "Thermen- & Vulkanland"

In a large converted agricultural building at Kornberg Castle, you can visit a unique exhibition on castles and palaces from all over the world. Be astonished by these miniature worlds in the form of 15 detailed models and 2 historic battles with special lighting effects.

Opening hours: 
Wednesday - Sunday: 10am - 5pm
The gallery of Kornberg Castle offers artists a great opportunity to show their work in a very special setting.
Castle innkeeper
New regional cuisine in a beautiful ambience
Klaus Klöckl cooks!

In the castle restaurant, regional sourcing is writ large. Klaus Klöckl cooks for weddings, Sunday brunches, knights' meals, company events, Christmas parties, birthday, bus groups, seminars and much more. The intimate restaurant in the ground floor of the castle and in the spendid castle courtyard spoil you with exquisite,seasonal and regional cuisine. The Knights' Hall with seating for 200 provides a perfect setting to make any event into a special experience. An insider's tip are catered events on the castle's first floor.
Knights' meals
Knights' meal in the knights' hall. 

Experience the fascination of the Middle Ages at Kornberg Castle.
As in the Middle Ages, you dine in a vaulted hall by candle- and torchlight. Servants serve dishes prepared according to old recipes. On request, we also offer medieval entertainment: minstrels, jugglers, mercenaries, fire breathers ...

The Knights' Hall can accommodate up to 200 people.

For groups of 8 or more, knights' meals can also be booked in the so-called "Schlossstüberl".
Smaller groups or individuals can also sign up to participate in one of the knights' meals scheduled for fixed days during the year.
Fairytale Wedding
A reception with an aperitif in the castle courtyard is a suitable start for your celebration. Weddings can be held in the castle park or, if you perfer a consecrated location, in the castle chapel--both provide a perfect setting for your perfect day. Our ideas and our experienced planning leave nothing to be desired.
The largest carpet exhibition in Europe
Rohani carpets.
Hand-knotted carpets in all colors, shapes, sizes and natural materials can be seen in Europe's largest carpet exhibition at Kornberg Castle.

Opening hours:
From March to mid-October
Wednesday - Sunday: 10am - 6pm
Phone: +43 3152 4200
Contact & Info
Kornberg Castle
Consul Mag. Andreas Bardeau 
A-8330 Feldbach, Dörfl 2
Phone: +43 664 51 24 224
Kornberg Castle (Styria)
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