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Schlaining Castle
Learning in the "Peace Castle".
Legendary owner.

Schlaining Castle, near the town of Oberwart, is located at a formerly strategically important point at the intersection of several trade routes connecting Steinamanger (HU), Graz, Wiener Neustadt and Ödenburg. Schlaining Castle was first mentioned in 1271 as "castrum Zloynuk". At that time it was owned by the Counts of Güssing. In the 15th century, Andreas Baumkircher acquired the fortress. Many legends surround his name in the region still today, especially in connection with the so-called "Baumkircher feud" (1469-1471) against Emperor Frederick III, which finally led to Baumkircher's execution in Graz. In the mid 16th century, the castle came into the possession of the Batthyány family.

Since 1980, the castle has belonged to the Federal State of Burgenland and is run as a museum.  It also offers several seminar and conference rooms. In 1983, the "Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR)" was established in Burg Schlaining. The ASPR sees itself as a place of respectful encounter where people can learn together.
Anniversary exhibition 100 years Burgenland
Contact & Info
Schlaining Castle
Rochusplatz 1, A 7461 Stadtschlaining
Phone: +43 3355 2306

Opening hours (no winter break): 
Monday - Rest day (except public holidays)
Tuesday - Friday from 9am - 5pm 
Saturday - Sunday from 10am - 5pm 
Schlaining Castle (Burgenland)
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