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Riegersburg Castle
The impregnable fortress on a mighty basalt crag.
Old fame.

Riegersburg Crag first appeared in the written record in 1138. The impressive basalt crag on which the castle was built was populated already 6000 years ago. With its extensive fortifications, this largest Baroque castle in Styria, was rightly known as the strongest fortress in the Occident. It was never taken. Even though the fortress was weakened by plague and famine between 1469 and 1490, it withstood all attacks by the Turks and Hungarians.

Elisabeth Katharina Baroness of Galler (* ca. 1607, † 1672) inherited Riegesburg Castle in 1648. She went down in history as the most dazzling owner. Known as "Bad Liesel", she married three times (she divorced her third husband!) and engaged in numerous, long-lasting feuds with both secular and ecclesiastical opponets.

Since 1822, Riegersburg Castle has been owned by the Princely House of Liechtenstein, which saved it from ruin after it was severely damaged in 1945.
New splendour.

Recently, the castle has been extensively renovated and an inclined elevator has been installed to ease accessibility. Today it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Styria. The changing exhibitions on witch-hunts, weaponry and castle life are always worth the climb. The new Castle Tavern provides culinary treats. A falconry show, a climbing path and regularly organized medieval festivals offer even more unique experiences.

Falconry Show
Feel the gust of wind from an eagle's wings just over your head. Riegersburg Castle is home to an aviary which offers breathtaking air shows featuring impressive birds of prey. Professional falconers present the fascinating world of eagles, hawks and kites as they execute daring flight maneuvers.
Join in lively tours of the castle museums. See and touch the weapons of noble knights. Learn about witch trials. Experience fabulous stories about the castle and its illustrious inhabitants.
Climbing path & Climbing park
Feel the thrill of our climbing and adventure park. Share in teambuilding at dizzying heights or conquer the Riegersburg Fortress on the "Leopold Climbing Path"--always safe in the hands of professionals.
The castle family
The Liechtenstein family has owned the Riegersburg fortress since 1822.  In recent years, the castle's roof, encompassing some 10,000 square-meters, and the three-kilometer-long defensive wall have been renovated.  The castle and the path that leads to it have been outfitted with exterior lighting. In addition, the family oversees the organization and supply of the castle's affiliated companies, such as the castle tavern and souvenir shop, and  the inclined elevator that was installed in 2003. Since 2014, Prince Emanuel of Liechtenstein has been responsible for the preservation and administration of the castle, the symbol of Styria.

Contact & Info
Riegersburg Castle
8333 Riegersburg 21
Castle ticket office: +43 3153 8213-1
Castle tavern: +43 3153 8213-2

Opening hours
April and October, daily from 10am - 5pm (last admission 4pm)
May to September, daily from 9am - 6pm (last admission 5pm)

The opening hours 2022 can be found here


Ascent & descent, lift and footpath
Adults      € 6.50
Children  € 3.50 (6-15 years)
Families  € 15.50 (2 adults + children)

Ascent & descent, castle with museums
Adults      € 21.00
Children  € 12.40 (6-15 years)
Families  € 49.90 (2 adults + children)
Ascent & descent, castle with museums u. falcon show
Adults      € 31.00
Children  € 17.40 (6-15 years)
Families  € 73.90 (2 adults + children)

GUIDED TOUR (Surcharge per museum)
Adults     € 4.00
Children  € 2.50 (6-15 years)
Families  Adults € 4,00 / Children € 2,50
Guided tour times - see homepage
Discounts and group rates - see current price list
Riegersburg Castle (Styria)
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