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Grad Castle
Stay overnight in the castle, enjoy a wine-tasting in the castle cellar, book rooms for different occasions (weddings, seminars, conferences, concerts), tank up on soothing earth energy, shop in the castle store for handicraft items and home-made culinary treats.

Grad Castle stands on a steep hill of basalt tuff above the small settlement of Grad. Knights Templar are said to have origially built the castle. Thanks to archaeological excavations, we can date the medieval core of the building to the 11th century. The extensive structure, which is today one of the largest baroque castles in Slovenia, was built over a period of eight hundred years, .

The castle's present pentagonal shape dates to the 16th century. After the attacks by the Turks and Kurucs and peasant uprisings had calmed down, the castle finally received a Baroque form with several arcades, a castle chapel and the bell tower. The noble  Amade family first managed the estate and the castle, and were succeeded by the famous Széchy, Batthyány, Nádasdy and Széchényi families. After the Hartner family, the castle lost itsrole as a representative residence. Its fate was sealed during World War II, when it was first occupied by the Red Army and later by the Yugoslav Army. Completely forgotten under the mighty trees in the castle park, it was revived after the first renovations in 1995.

Today, the castle is the seat of Gorièko Nature Park. In the renovated rooms, the natural and cultural landscape, as well as the historical and ethnological heritage of Gorièko are presented
In Grad Castle there is an exhibition about the history and construction of the castle, as well as art and nature exhibitions, as well as a presentation on traditional crafts.
Throughout the year, the castle hosts numerous events. The autumn bazaar, for example, attracts numerous enthusiastic visitors each year with a rich offer of local products, regional delicacies and a diverse range of cultural events.
Contact & Info
Grad Grad
SI 9264 Grad, Grad 191
Phone: +386 (0)2 5518860

Opening hours
March, October, November: 10:00am - 4:00pm
April - September: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Closed in December, January & February and on Mondays.
Grad Castle (Promurje)
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