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Castle experiences - Museums
Museums in historic buildings
Castle Museum - Archeo Norico
A-8530 Deutschlandsberg, Burgplatz 2

Vorau Abbey
A 8250 Vorau 1

Parish Church and Castle Pöllau
The former collegiate church in Pöllau is also called the "Styrian St. Peter's Cathedral".

European Centre for the History of Physics 
Echophysics "The Exposed Man”
A 8225 Pöllau bei Hartberg, Schloss 1
Guided tours can be booked at the tourist office:
Phone: +43 3335 4210

Riegersburg Castle
8333 Riegersburg 21

Castle Museum Güssing
A-7540 Güssing, Batthyanystr. 10

Museum Hartberg
A-8230 Hartberg, Herrengasse 6

Aichberg Castle
Exhibition: A house and its inhabitants
A-8234 Rohrbach an der Lafnitz, Eichberg 1

Gallery at Kornberg Castle
A-8330 Feldbach, Dörfl 2
Castle tour led by the castle lord "Consul Andreas Count of Bardeau", with or without a champagne reception, are possible on reservation.
Phone: +43 664 5124224 or +43 3152 4168 (Leonard Bardeau)
The small world of the Great Castles
Arts and Crafts at Kornberg Castle

Schlaining Castle
European Museum of peace
A-7461 Stadtschlaining, Rochusplatz 1

"Kruzitürken" and Tobacco Museum
Museum Pfeilburg Fürstenfeld
A-8280 Fürstenfeld, Klostergasse 18,

Garden Castle of Herberstein
A-8222 St. Johann bei Herberstein, Buchberg 1
Gironcoli MuseumCastle tours

Museum in the old arsenal
A-8940 Bad Radkersburg, Emmenstraße 9

Hunting & Agricultural museum
A-8510 Stainz, Schlossplatz 1

Local history Museum in the Tabor Feldbach
A-8330 Feldbach, Tabor-Platz 1

Gallery-Museum Lendava 
SI-9220 Lendava, Banffyjev trg 1

Pomurje Museum Murska Sobota
SI-9000 Murska Sobota, Trubarjev drevored 4  

Ptuj Ormož Regional Museum
including Velika Nedelja Castle
SI-2250 Ptuj, Muzejski trg 1

Museum in Slovenska Bistrica Castle
SI-2310 Slovenska Bistrica, Grajska ulica 11

Gallery Mansion Rakičan
SI- 9000 Murska Sobota, Lendavska ulica 28, Rakičan
Burgenland Stiftung
Thermenland Vulkanland
Genuss Card